Become an Approved Community Safety Practitioner

Applicant has at least one of the following designations from ASIS International:
Certified Protection Professional (CPP)
Physical Security Professional (PSP)
Associate Protection Professional (APP)
Work Equivalency as per CSSB A22-03
Three positive work references
The applicant represents that they do not have any of the following:
Felony convictions
Felony charges pending
Indictable convictions
Indictable charges pending
The Public Safety Council Corp reserves the right to have applicants produce a clear police background check as a requirement in becoming an Approved Community Safety Practitioner. The Public Safety Council may waive this right if the applicant has extensive experience and very positive work references.

** Applications will be processed beginning July 1, 2023. You may submit your information prior to this date. Applications are processed in the order of receipt. **
Please inform them that they will be contacted by a member of our team to verify your suitability in becoming accredited as an Approved Community Safety Practitioner under the CSSB.
The individual applying to become an Approved Community Safety Practitioner will not under any circumstance hold themselves out or represent that they are affiliated with any police, sheriff, fire-rescue, municipal, county, state, provincial or federal authority. Doing so will result in immediate termination of their Approved Community Safety Practitioner accreditation and may also result in criminal charges. This individual will lose all of their access credentials and privileges from the Public Safety Council’s infrastructure, tools and resources. No refund will be provided for any prepaid services.
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