The Continuum of

Public Safety®

A Whole-of-Society Approach to Public Safety and Well-Being

The Public Safety Council Corp. (PSCC) provides a comprehensive and fortified platform for public safety and personal well-being. It has been developed to support a whole-of-society approach to public safety, as per the Community Safety Commission's standards and framework; led by the police authority having jurisdiction; without compromising privacy or civil liberties.
A structured and strategic approach that enlists all aspects of the community and equips them with a comprehensive and proficient suite of tools. This solution requires minimal investment of time and resources from any individual stakeholder but yields exponential increases in public safety and efficiency.
Duration: 11 minutes

Approved Resources

Standardized templates, work instructions and a directory of approved tools and resources, developed for ease of implementation of all the Articles of the Standard are provided, free of charge, to Approved Community Safety Practitioners, when they receive their Virtual Private Network (VPN) credentials to the Community Safety Vault as per CSSB A22-04.

Approved Resources for the Public

Safety Smart Certifications

The Public Safety Council administers the Safety Smart Certifications for Buildings and Facilities via Approved Community Safety Practitioners, as per CSSB A22-15.
The Safety Smart Certifications for Cities and Communities are administered directly by the Public Safety Council Corp.
These certifications are successive in nature, permitting all parties to adopt a phased-in, straightforward, simple approach.

Apply to become an Approved Community Safety Practitioner

Fill out our on-line application to apply for accreditation as an Approved Community Safety Practitioner.

Community Safety Commission

The Community Safety Standard for Buildings (CSSB) provides the much-needed framework for The Continuum of Public Safety®. The CSSB is owned and updated by the Community Safety Commission, a non-governmental organization (NGO), which is not for profit.

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